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Vector Allocations

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How We Work For You

Vector maintains relationships with several distribution points and leverages customer orders to get bulk discounting for non-system buyers. We are not a GPO, though our mission is similar to one, in that we aim to lower the cost of medical supplies for smaller buyers (specifically PPE and testing) during the ongoing global shortages and beyond.

Vector talks with you about the places you’d like to save money, or the supplies you are having trouble finding reliably, then reaches out to dozens of direct warehouses and fulfillment centers to source them. By Piggybacking similar orders, Vector is able to leverage better pricing through increasing the order quantity.


Vector has access to thousands of products like PPE, Testing Solutions, Pharmaceuticals, and more. Below are links to a few of the most popular supplies right now, categorized in PPE and Testing, so you can get a feel for the types of products and quality we supply.

For Consumers

For Businesses/Medical

Vector Also works directly with suppliers and professional facilities to provide supplies utilized by medical professionals.


Some of the wonderful folks Vector has worked with.

About Us

Vector was formed with the partnership of EGZ Distribution and Archetype Data. By combining EGZ’s knowledge of the practice management landscape with Archetype’s superior data knowledge Vector is able to source reliable products of superior quality at better than market prices.

EGZ’s History: EGZ was originally founded as the partner publisher for the medical practice management book line for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA.) After half a decade of publishing and content management consulting with MGMA, EGZ pivoted at the beginning of the global pandemic to solving supply chain issues for the medical landscape.

Archetype’s History: Archetype focuses on business adoption, solution integration, and program management. They have grown over the years from a small startup to managing data solutions for companies like AT&T, Cheesecake Factor, Fidelity Investments, and many others.